Case Study

Talk: Using design systems in government

In September 2019, i joined GDS and other designers across government at the Creative Bureaucracy Festival in Berlin. Here i gave a talk about using design systems, and how i believe their restriction encourages freedom. The talk is framed within the light hearted context of my bumpy transition from working in the creative industry to joining the public sector.

Upcoming: Designing a procurement case management system

Currently much of the buying process in the public sector is done offline through spreadsheets, emails and phone calls, in conjunction with disjointed procurement platforms. Would digitising this process help both buyers and suppliers adhere to procurement regulations? And whilst making big complicated digital services is the fashionable thing to do right now, is it the right thing to do?

Talk: Helping the public sector buy things

In December 2019, I was asked by Martin Jordan (head of Service Design at GDS) to contribute to Service Design Thursday, a series of remote case study presentations. In this whistle stop tour of the challenges we face at Crown Commercial Service, i dive into specific areas and demonstrate how we're trying to tackle complexity for our users.

Event: workshop facilitation and hackathons at Marmalade

Marmalade is fringe event to the internationally renowned Skoll World Forum that sees best-in-class social entrepreneurs meet up-and-coming talent from across the UK and Europe to share and generate ideas to crack ‘wicked’ social problems.