Keel Communications

Logo and website for a specialist in branded translation.

Keel Communications are a specialist in branded translation: a niche linguistics service that ensures brand messages stays intact during translation. It is a process that can only be undertaken by experts in brand communications who also have a thorough cultural knowledge and sensitivity. Renowned for their skills, Keel are proud to have BMW and AirBus among their client rostra.


Branding a linguistics specialist requires a careful touch. It is a marketplace filled with loud cliches and metaphors, so the best approach is to convey maturity and authority through simplicity. It felt vital to ensure words and typography were at the forefront of the brand, given the linguistic nature of Keel's services. Finally, we needed a subtle graphic symbol that would work in harmony with the name and also extend its meaning.


The logo is set in the clean, sharp sans-serif typeface of Futura, with negative space used to reveal the shape of a boat keel: a device that both represents the name and symbolises how they operate – beneath the surface, providing strength and focus. We teamed this with another typeface, Appercu, which is friendlier and has a more subtle character. The colour palette is mature, understated and provides the words with a clean platform against which to stand. Most importantly, the client was very happy too.


Keels and balloons

The keel device was also used on the website in the header blocks. In conjunction with contrasting colours, it represents not only a boat keel but also subtly transforms the upper area into a geometric abstraction of a speech balloon.

What they said...

Alaric is a huge talent – intuitive, proactive and endlessly positive. Not only did he do an amazingly creative job with the Keel Communications website – with a particularly innovative and entirely on-brand typographical solution – he also created a new and distinctive word mark logo for the company.

Doug Knox