Kent Shepherd

Branding, print and website for a high quality, low-mileage lamb farmer.

Kent Shepherd is a local lamb business based on the south coast of England, specialising in low-mileage, high-quality lamb. Established by Marie Prebble in 2014, her aim was to move the family's sheep farming business (which had been run for several generations) from a simple farming opperation, into a direct supplier of fresh lamb to restaurants and the public in and around Kent. This meant extending the business beyond selling livestock to market, and further into the B2B and public arena.


The starting point was to keep a sense of establishment at the heart of the new brand, so as to not only honour the generations of farming that came before, but also to help build trust with its new position in the market. An emphasis on the locality of the business was also important, as low-mileage meat becomes ever more popular with both the food-conscious public and local restaurants. Given Marie's enthusiasm and dedication, I soon realised that other offshoot projects involving the sheep would soon be on the horizon.


My solution uses a careful combination of typefaces, gentle styling and woodcut lamb illustration to create a brand reminiscent of a traditional English food packaging. Focusing on the live animal seemed key, as this not only presents positive connotations, but also works in harmony with potential future directions Marie might extend the business, such as "animal experience" days and shearing courses. The interchangeable tagline also accommodates this. A subtle, clean and bright colour palette reinforces the fresh positive imagery. All this was very well received by the client.

What they said...

Alaric's attitude to producing the branding for my modern rural business was spot on; he understood what was required for a stand-out, innovative design and was very professional in his approach. I now have great branding that is receiving recognition, enabling my business to grow.

Marie Prebble
Owner, Kent Shepherd