The Nest Collective

Responsive Wordpress website design and development for the UK's best loved folk club.

The Nest Collective is an acoustic folk club pushing the musical boundaries within promotion of folk, world and traditional music. Winning BBC Folk Club of the Year in 2010 and headed up by Mercury Award nominated folk singer Sam Lee, The Nest is at the forefront of the folk music renaissance, putting on everything from weekly sessions in London to stages at the country's leading summer festivals.


The genres of folk and world music are full of vibrant colours and are rich in symbolic cultural imagery. The pre-existing Nest logo was no exception, with its handwritten lettering and colourful bunting. The design of the new website needed to retain this recognisable aesthetic, while still clearly showcasing the diverse events and artists featured. Such rich content needed to be displayed in an attractive and immersive way, but crucially remaining totally accessible. With a variety of staff making daily updates to the website, a super easy-to-use CMS was also vital.


Built on Wordpress, the new Nest Collective website features a comprehensive events system and artist library – each featuring categorisation for easy browsing, and detailed profile pages with galleries, videos and sound clips. The design uses a combination of subtle colours, torn edges and custom illustrations to retain a rustic and charming feel. A monospaced font was used for the body copy, reminiscent of hand-typed, low circulation music fliers – thereby keeping the anaolgue vibe. The site is adapted to all resolution screens, being optimised for mobile devices and high pixel density screens alike by using vector graphics. Launched at the beginning of 2016, the site has had a fantastic reception from industry peers, artists and fans. The client was very happy too.


What they said...

Alaric is a developer not only gifted with superb vision and skills, but a craftsman who knew the sensitivities of bringing our ideas to life to communicate all the complexities of our brand and organisation.

Sam Lee
Musician & Founder, The Nest Collective